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Bella Sings Broadway.
December 30, 2008 11:51 AM PST
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Bella the famous singing Doggie Diva.
Michael Orland, musical director of "American Idol", accompanies Bella ,the famous singing dog on the piano.
She sings "Put On A Happy Face". -We take requests. VIDEO

Halloween Special Show-Girls-Talk Gone Completely Wild
March 11, 2008 06:46 PM PDT
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In this pre-Halloween edition of The Naked Truth, Zoe Miracle and her
guests Lani Minella and Dana Flynn discuss the scary world of dating. Men bashing
thrown in for free.

The Naked Truth about Surrogacy
January 05, 2008 09:00 AM PST
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Andrea Pruett makes babies for a living. That is,she coordinates third party/envitro/assisted reproduction through surrogacy. If you want a baby, but cannot "have" one, for whatever reason, there is hope.If you have the money you can basically "order" a baby through third party surrogacy.Isn't that a miracle? And it's not something that's legal in every state-- in California we have all the choices! Listen in.

Pre-Halloween Show--Girls-Talk Gone Wild
September 18, 2008 03:51 PM PDT
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Have tea at The Plaza with Zoe Miracle, Dana Flynn and Eloise-as they shoot the breeze. Some girltalk about men,men and

What Is Comedy and Laughter? Zoe talks with Marc Sheffler
May 25, 2008 07:15 PM PDT
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Happy Mother's Day! Do dogs laugh? Do animals laugh? Does Marc Sheffler really hate his mother? As Zoe Miracle talks with writer,producer,director, comedian Marc Sheffler.
Pictured-Marc Sheffler in his role in Wes Craven's se On The Left".

Check out more naked truth at http://www.
January 11, 2009 01:36 PM PST
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Everything you ever wanted to know about "THE NAKED TRUTH"
and Zoe Miracle. Learn more about each program and the guests that we didnt have enough room for on this page.
Have easy access to Zoe's articles and coming soon-her new blog.

Also join "The Naked Truth" on myspace!

ARTICLE: from 'ASK ZOE" -"Men Are Like Dogs"
December 30, 2008 01:45 PM PST
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Dear Zoe:

I think God made a mistake when he invented men. I think that men should have been modeled after dogs:Because dogs are loyal , playful, protective,forgiving and offer unconditional love...If I could find a guy like that, that would be heaven. But I've been looking for that cuddly smiling easy going Golden Retriever kind of guy, but I'm afriad all the good retrievers are taken. My last relationship was with more of a good looking Great Dane type. Handsome,but not so intellectually stimulating. Mostly I just keep meeting Pitbulls, Rotweillers, and "nippy" Scottish Terriers...Men are pigs. Any advice?

Signed, Lady

Dear Lady,

Don't be too discouraged.Even if men often have as many of a dog's unpleasant traits as the noble ones,-you can imagine-Hopefully you will ,at the very least , find a man who has a short memory like a dog ,doesn't make a mess too often, and is always sorry. Maybe a "Basset Hound" guy is always a good idea. Not the independent type, the Basset hound guy is loyal, soulful, they will cry with you and they can't get around too fast, so chances are less that they will leave you.

However, if your next relationship is not completely house-broken, or if they are "hand-shy", they have been mistreated and mis-handled-so be patient. Be gentle, but also firm so that mutual trust can develop...And when they are good, always remember to give them something good to chew on as a reward.

December 31, 2008 05:33 AM PST
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